Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our Time


Each day that is here, I’m so thankful you are near: to comfort, to hold until we are old.

Our life together… begun to last.

Your skin silk soft, eyes blissfully brown, dark long hair, that sounds.

The Lord has been here and always there: to guide us, to fulfill us, as we walk hand in hand through life’s journey of
*Footprints in the Sand.*

Some things certain,
The rewards on this earth will always be: our Lord, our children,
and my sweet darling you.

Now when the time comes for our age to take stage, God's will and His glory will be our story.
The people we'll have blessed and seed that we'll have sown, the reaping rewards, in heaven we'll own.

But one thing’s for sure,
I'll still have a twinkle that shines so bright, for you my love, like a morning star flickers at night.